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What do you need to know when traveling to Costa Rica, Colón and El Rodeo?

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CR Time Zone

CST — Central Standard Time


CR Weather

Dry Season and Rainy Seasn

CR Currency

Costa Rican Colon (CRC)


CR Language

Official language: Spanish. A large portion of the population speaks English as a second language.


CR Food

Food in Costa Rica is second only to the country’s beauty. Known for its use of fresh ingredients, like fruits and vegetables, the cuisine in Costa Rica is generally on the mild side.


Roman Catholic as Official; complete freedom of religion.


CR Public Transportation

Rental cars, shared shuttles, regional flights, private drivers, taxis, public buses, boats—there are many ways to get around Costa Rica.


CR Health care

The Costa Rican health care system is rated very highly on an international level, and the country’s citizens enjoy the health and life expectancy equal to that of more developed nations.


CR Restaurants

Food in Costa Rica is second only to the country’s beauty. Known for its use of fresh ingredients, like fruits and vegetables, the cuisine in Costa Rica is generally on the mild side.


CR Tips for Travelers

We want you to get to know every corner of our beautiful country, travel like a local, enjoy and be safe, having in mind the following recommendations.


CR Accommodation

Find here all certified hotels by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT)

Phone 2

CR Phone Service Providers

Local phone service providers,  What would be the most convenient service for you during your stay in Costa Rica?


CR National Parks Info

To enter National Parks, online ticket purchase is required

car rental

CR Car Rental

Modality for renting a car in Costa Rica


CR Shipping Services (Local and International)

Shipping services: Local and International


CR Online English News

This resource will provide you with official Costa Rica’s News in English

Top CR Banks

The banking system of Costa Rica is composed of state-owned banks, commercial banks, private finance companies, savings and loans cooperatives, and insurance companies.


CR Ecoturism

Costa Rica is a lush country where nature is on display in all its splendor thanks to extraordinary biodiversity


CR Culture

We are the country of “Pura Vida” – a friendly, multicultural and multilingual people descended from the cultural fusion of immigrants


CR Tips for travelers

Going on adventure safely. Travel like a local, enjoy and be safe.


Local ATM system

The best way to access your funds while traveling in Costa Rica depends on your budget, length of stay, current credit card debt, and mathematical ability.


CR Pharmacies 

Locally known as ‘Farmacias’, Costa Rica’s pharmacies are existing in every corner of the country. 


CR Bus Itinerary

There are different bus terminals in San José and in the main cities. In some cities you will find local bus terminals.


CR Entry Requirements

The entrance to Costa Rica is enabled for tourists from all the countries of the world by air, land and sea.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship are regulated in the Political Constitution of Costa Rica and in various laws and regulations.


CR Suggested itineraries

The following itineraries are examples of what you can do independently or through a Travel Agency.


CR Directory of Other Activities

The companies that are in this directory have recognitions such as the CST (Tourism Sustainability Certificate), which is a program designed to categorize tourism companies according to the actions they take in favor of sustainability.


Airlines Flying to Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a wide range of flight offerings for arrivals and departures.


CR Identity

What makes Costa Rica unique?


CR Community-Based Rural Tourism

Provide an authentic experience with personalized attention that allows you to enjoy our form of rural living, and to get know the essence and identity of Costa Ricans.


CR Wildlife

Costa Rica’s greatest wildlife spectacles



Frequently asked questions


Transportation Apps

Uber, Didi, Indiver and other transportation service apps are widely used in Costa Rica. Note: they are not considered as legal services by the Costa Rican Government, so they may be subject to fines by authorities if they are caught providing the non-legal service.


Driver’s Licenses in Costa Rica

If you have a valid driver’s license issued from your home country, then congratulations! You can drive in Costa Rica for the duration of your tourist/entry visa. However, if you plan on driving in here after the first three months (tourist visa), though, you’ll have to homologate your driver’s license.


Top Delivery Food Apps

Top delivery Food Apps in Costa Rica. Delivery app with real-time tracking & updates.


Useful Phone Apps for Travel

Traveling is so much easier with today’s technology. With internet on our smartphone, we can look up anything from the forecast, hot to get any location, as well as make hotel reservations and order delivery. delivery.


Tourist Safety Passport

Although the country is among the safest in Latin America, we suggest you to adhere  to the following preventive measures   


What to bring?

What to bring when traveling to Costa Rica?

The Costa Rica Essentials

Costa Rica Essentials

Essential Costa Rica is about promoting organic ingredients, unspoiled nature and
authentic experiences.