Ciudad Colón, San José

Although the city is small, Ciudad Colon is one of the most multi-cultural towns in the entire world. Julia and David White’s Artist Colony attracts all types of artists, writers and musicians and the United Nations University for Peace brings in people from all over the world to pursue their master’s degrees. It gives this town a distinctive cosmopolitan feel while still keeping its Costa Rican culture.

Ciudad Colon is about 45 minutes away from San Jose. You can hop a bus or drive on the highway to get there from the capital city. The weather is typically warmer than Santa Ana, just 20 minutes to the east of Colon. Even though it’s not the beach, you’ll still enjoy plenty of sun if you stay here. The town has a good transportation structure, hospitals, and more to meet the needs of expatriates and students. It also has a lower cost-of-living than Santa Ana or San Jose.

However, there are not many larger hotels and resorts in Ciudad Colon, but Santa Ana and San Jose are close enough to make it a day trip. There are some bed and breakfasts and smaller hotels in the area, but you will want to make reservations before your trip. The town is particularly well-suited for outdoor activities. Biking, horseback riding and hiking are very popular in the mountains that surround the city. There are many mountain paths that you can take to see stunning views of the area, the flora and fauna in the region and the lovely waterfalls.

One of the most romantic trips you can take is to one of the mountain restaurants available in the area. Choose the best table with the best view while dining on a traditional, but upscale cuisine created by the best chefs. There are many unique restaurants here where you’ll find local flavors and wines to give you a taste of the Tico culture.

What to visit in Ciudad Colon

When you’re in Ciudad Colon, you can take a short drive to reach many of the most visited attractions in the country. The most prominent is probably the Poas Volcano National Park, home to an active volcano. The park is also home to one of the cloud forests in Costa Rica. Within the park, you can see quetzal, tanagers, toucanets and many mammal species. La Paz Waterfall is located 25 minutes always from Poas Volcano Park entrance. This ecological natural attraction offers a wide variety of flora and fauna, perfect to share with your family or friends. You’ll want to spend a day here enjoying all it has to offer. It has a strong environmental education program and many good hiking trails.

Ciudad Colon has a welcoming city center where you can sit on the boulevard and people watch. On Tuesdays, you can visit the local farmers market and try some of the best fruit and vegetables the region has to offer. Many visitors have the opportunity to see exotic animals, like sloths, quetzal and hummingbirds. There is a historic center that provides the heritage of the area. The Pacific Ocean is just about 90 minutes away from Ciudad Colon. There are many beautiful beaches where you can enjoy sand and sun, snorkeling and surfing. A Costa Rican getaway is one of the most relaxing vacations you can enjoy. You can enjoy nature, whether you like the water, a forest or mountains, sometimes, all in the same day.

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“Colón y El Rodeo, esperan por ti. ¡Ven! ¡Descubre! y ¡Disfruta!”


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GREEN FAIR is community, a meeting point between friends, producers and consumers.


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How to get to Ciudad Colón from SJO Airport

Students are advised to take an official cab (orange or red color) at the airport (24/7). The price to get to Ciudad Colon downtown from SJO Airport should be between $25USD and $35USD USD depending on your housing location. Service will take around 25-45 minutes from airport to Ciudad Colón, considering time and street traffic.


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Finca Caballo Loco is a Boutique Equestrian Events Centre located in El Rodeo.


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